"This product may save your life if you have shocking experiences when you get out of your vehicle..." -- ESD Journal.

That's not pretty.

My mom's so smart she says she doesn't have time for static cling.

She uses Turn on her clothes and she always looks great.
Hey, that's like my mom.

She always keeps an extra bottle of Turn in her dash.

She says it's great for last minute touch-ups and to keep the car static free.

You wouldn't shock your baby, would you?

My mom loves us.

She uses Turn.

My mom would never shock us.

Mom even told dad to stop static in his truck by spraying his carpet and seats (even in his company car.)
She always treats the car and my sister's blanket and car seat.
OUCH! That Hurts!

Those plastic slides always shock you.

But my mom cares about me.

She always sprays my clothes with Turn before playtime.

Hey, and mom said it even helps the other kids that are sliding.
My mom is the smartest.

But your mom could be smart too if she just used Turn.

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